The Liège Waffle is a small shop located on the main street of historic Jacksonville in the heart of southern Oregon.   A collaboration between life long friends, we are dedicated to creating the most sinfully delicious waffles known to man. 


Imagine a sweet dense cloud.  Now imagine that cloud is crispy on the outside with caramelized bits of pearl sugar.


That delicious imaginary cloud - yeah, still not as good as our sinful waffles. 

So what is a Liège Waffle anyway?

The Sinful Belgian Liège Waffle
waffle, sinful waffle, cookie butter

Forget everything you know about waffles.  This will blow the tongue right out of your mouth.  You have never, NEVER had anything like this before. 

Our  Divine Milkshakes

Recall the best, thickest milkshake you'd ever had. Now forget it. This is better.

History meets Decadance

Located in historic downtown Jacksonville, Oregon.  Modern appeal in a classic space.  

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Hours of Operation


10:00am - 2:00pm

Friday - Saturday

9:00am - 6:30pm

Sunday - Wednesday



150 South Oregon St

Jacksonville, OR 97530

(541) 702-2300

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